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February 2009

Loosen The Leash

Richard Red, is just one of hopefully many of Gateway’s dogs who have been accepted into the Loosen the Leash Program! Loosen the Leash is a training program for kids “on the edge”. The dogs go through 3 months of training with kids who are wards of the state.

The program is a win/win situation for the child and dog. The former street dog has an opportunity to be highly trained so that their…

Far From Homeless

A few of David Carlyon’s snapshots from the picture fundraiser this weekend. Don’t we wish they could all be in loving families that have their portraits taken?Can you count how many?

“I scared all of those big Sheepdogs away. I’m big.”

“Look at that wanna-be Giant Schnauzer below us. Who does he think he is?”

This is my goofus Floyd the Doyd. He thinks he’s a pure bred.

This is my…

Get a Picture of your Pet by Professional Photographer David Carlyon

This is seriously the most inexpensive and wonderful way to get a beautiful photo of your family pet. You should really take advantage of this offer!Have you ever wanted to get professional photography of your pets, but were not sure where to go for it? Do we have something in store for you! One of my favorite animal photographers in St. Louis, David Carlyon has volunteered to take pictures of…

Honey, Please don’t kill me, but there is a feral kitten lose in the basement.

Which would not be such a big deal if my husband were not deathly allergic to cats. I rode with PJ today, and we have had this ongoing thing with¬†this kitten. I tried to catch her once and failed, but today, PJ snuck up on her and grabbed her while she was eating. It surprised all of us. It’s like, oh no! what are we going to do now? She is so adorable, and I am really hoping she will fall for…

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