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September 2009

Designer Pups

These cuties are going to be featured in our upcoming film, Gateway Guardians. They are Designer Puppies, from left to right we have: Ellen Tracy, Bill Blass, Bob Mackie, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. They are super sweet and still need fosters. Please pass this along. Thank…

Sonny & Deacon are Saved! (but still need a foster)

Thanks to Paul Boyer, of Civil Engineering Design Consultants, we were able to pull Deacon and Sonny Friday. Paul offered to sponsor their stay at a kennel until we can find them a foster. We have one potential foster, but are still in need of someone for the other. They are both very sweet. Deacon (brown guy) is about two years old and is the more laid back of the two. Nothing much bothers him.

Sonny & Deacon Need Help Desperately!

Deacon (in front) & Sonny (lighter color) hang out around Richard’s Mom and Manifred. I just will never understand dogs, because Manifred and Richard’s Mom won’t let them eat. Deacon and Sonny run away with their tails between their legs when we feed them because Richard’s Mom and Manifred growl at them. It is so sad. There is a girl in heat around the area, and I guess Deacon and Manifred…

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