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May 2010

PJ Doesn’t Just Save Dogs

As we pulled into East St. Louis on Saturday, PJ said, “Oh, I thought that house was on fire, but I guess someone is just burning trash.” Upon further inspection we both realized that the house was indeed on fire. As we pulled up to the house, PJ said that she thought that an older man lived there. I began to call 911 when we saw a fire truck a block away. “Oh thank goodness”, we both exclaimed,…

Puppy Rescue

Today, Gateway Pet Guardians’ volunteers ventured to East St. Louis to rescue a mama (Show Me) and puppies. We weren’t sure exactly how many puppies there were. Show Me is the mom of the puppies that were rescued on last spring’s Show Me St. Louis show. About 6 months ago, she started hanging out with Malcom across the street from AT&T. Shortly thereafter, Lloyd began hanging…

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