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November 2010

Karmic Treats and Abounding Spirits.

Tonight is your chance to meet P.J. and all the other stars of Gateway Pet Guardians.
Karmic Treats and Abounding Spirits.
Amazing Guitarist, John McClelland.

Drag your introverted friends out. Even your friends who insist they don’t like people.
Eat, Drink, and hang with the dogs.
What else is…

The Making Of “Gateway Guardians” II

Part II of chatting with Rebecca Ormond. Goddess of Film. I found it pretty interesting even though I know nothing about film. Below, the finished product!It was great to hear that the Gandhi quote “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi practiced “ahimsa” which is the action of “non-harming”. If you read u…

Questions with filmmaker Rebecca Ormond

In September I had the great opportunity of seeing “Gateway Guardians” at Winnie Moore Theatre in Webster and hearing the filmmaker, Rebecca Ormond, answer some questions from Mike Steinberg. This is Part 1. We are so grateful to Rebecca of Matriarch Motion Pictures for sharing her love with us! As you know, our big Soiree is THIS THURSDAY, November, 18, 2010 6:30-10:00 p.m. during t…

Gateway Guardians: A Documentary Selected For St. Louis International Film Festival

Saint Louis, MO, November 9, 2010 – Four months after receiving the Humanitarian Award during the Cinema St. Louis Film Festival, Gateway Guardians: A Documentary will advance to the St. Louis International Film Festival on November 18th.

The documentary tells the story of the many homeless dogs that roam the streets in East St. Louis, and the volunteers who spend their time feeding,…

A Hero, From A Dog’s Eye View


Local Animal Rescue Volunteer, Documentary Star to be Honored at Film Premier Gala
Saint Louis, MO, November 8, 2010– The homeless dogs of East St. Louis have a friend in P.J. Hightower. In many cases, she is the only person they’ve ever known. They congregate on the streets across the river and patiently await her car to appear from around the corner, as it has every morning for the last…

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