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December 2010

The Capture of “Casey The Cat”

Yeah!  Casey finally made it off of the streets but now he has yet another journey.  He tested FIV positive. While this is not a death sentence by any means, he is going to need to find parents that aren’t freaked out by this.  Often someone won’t know their cat is FIV until he is old and getting tested for something else.  This can affect their immune systems.  They can…

Nigel, Nina, & Nigella

Sunday morning listening to the howling wind and seeing there is a HIGH of 18 degrees tomorrow. We really don’t know if Nigel, Nina, and Nigella will be able to survive another brutal winter.Last Thursday the “Gateway Girls” went on the feeding route with P.J.The video below is of Nigel and Nigella taken on that morning. Do you have a garage, a basement, or some room in your home to foster on…

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