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May 2011

Ra-Ra & Friends

Another video of RaRa.  The girl that was in the documentary, and still is on the streets.  This was the actual day I had mentioned earlier.  The day that we thought she may not be there.  Pj hadn’t seen her for 2 days and was saying we would probably find her dead.  

The Ra-Ra Files

Another short of Ra-Ra, who was in our documentary “Gateway Guardians”.  Her whole life has been spent on the streets and we would love for her to be rescued.  We think all movie stars should have

Rescue In Progress

By Ashley Riley, GPG Vice President

Hedge clippers, crowbar, hammer,  flashlight, shovel, and pick axe – check.  Not really the items that come to mind when you think about a puppy rescue, but they’re just a few of the tools P.J. Hightower keeps in her arsenal when she’s searching out a litter of puppies in East St. Louis.

“It’s not not uncommon for our volunteers to go crawling…

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