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January 2012

What’s on your Mind?

A letter from GPG Volunteer Coordinator Melissa Stiles

I joined Gateway Pet Guardians just over two years ago. I started out as a puppy foster, began attending events, meeting new people, and learning more about GPG. I fell in love with the entire group. Since the beginning, I knew I wanted to give more to the group, but wasn’t sure what I could do or where I would fit. GPG suddenly found…

Darlin’ Darren & Alice gets a few days in the Sun

Above we have Darren. He is a little guy that GPG had seen just a couple of times on the route, pretty dirty! We were trying to “track” him, but he was pretty timid here. One day the opportunity presented itself, and Pj was able to snag him. Now he is getting medical treatment, which involves an eye surgery-but shortly he will be ready to find his forever home.

Meet Alice Cooper

These videos are a collage of our recent visits with Alice Cooper. She is a doll. She lives at a business in East St. Louis and GPG & SuperSheri make sure that she gets doggie treats, food, and some love on the route.

It has been a crazy time at GPG!! We have rescued over 40 dogs in the last 2 months, which means 40 canine lives and at least the 40 people lives that the dogs will save. But what else? Well, we got our Vet Bill. We don’t just have an “ordinary” vet bill. No, because that would mean we have just “ordinary” dogs. We have very special dogs with all the bells and whistles. Dogs treated for heartworm, embedded collars, and everything else under the sun. Eyeball surgeries…..Yes, a recent little “Darren” needs to have an eye removed.

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