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May 2013

A Gateway Junior Pet Guardian Speaks Out

By Tremaya Jimison, Gateway Junior Pet Guardian

Hi! Im Tremaya Jimison, one of three Gateway Junior Pet Guardians! I currently attend East St. Louis Senior High School with the other GJPGs.

I have always loved animals. They are just amazing, intelligent creatures that have always caught my attention. I currently only have one pet but I plan and desperately hope I can soon add another…

An Inside Look at GPG’s Volunteer Program

By Jen Fuhrman, GPG Blogger/Board Member

Coming on board with GPG, one of my main focuses with the organization is to focus on structuring and growing our volunteer program.  I’ve been working hard in conjunction with our Executive Director, Jamie Case, and we’ve come up with some excellent ideas to nurture our current volunteer base and expand it.

At Gateway Pet Guardians, we’re t…

Strutin’ With Your Mutts: The Dos & Don’ts of Taking Your Four-Legged Friends Out

By Shannon Miller, GPG Volunteer/Blogger

After what I was certain would be an endless winter, the spring weather makes me — and my dogs — want to get out and do things. While my hobbies include eating brunch on patios and sitting in the park, not everything I love to do is exactly a big treat to my pups. Unless your dog can fit in your handbag, it just might not be practical or wise to…

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


By Allison Arthur, GPG Blogger/Volunteer

We’ve all been there – watching Westminster or maybe just the neighbor’s dog – wondering how their pets learned so many tricks when our own hasn’t mastered nearly as many. Then we sigh and think, “Oh well. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks,” and forget about it.

Well, we’re all wrong, because old dogs can learn new tricks. If your dog…

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