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April 2014

Wednesday’s Foster Dog: Meet Little Caesar, a dog for adoption in St. Louis!

Meet Little Caesar, a dog for adoption in St. Louis! This sweet, happy boy is so thankful to be off the streets and in a safe home. It’s hard to be a puppy without a home, so while Little Caesar might be shy at first, he warms up quickly and is good at finding his way into a loving lap.

At just six months old Little Caesar weighs about 30 pounds. He appears to be a shepherd/pit bull mix…

Monday’s Shelter Dog: Meet Buddha, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!

Meet Buddha, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

This Monday we are featuring a handsome boy who is currently at our shelter. He’s a Pit Bull Terrier Mix named Buddha. Buddha has been at the shelter since the end of February and he can’t wait to get out. He was on the euthanasia list at the St. Clair County Animal Control and GPG gave him a second chance at life. He is neutered, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on his shots.


Happy Tails Update: Louie

Louie (formerly known as Putzie) came into our lives on January 9, 2014. He was my Christmas present, and he has been such a blessing to us. We didn’t know if we would make it through those first few weeks of change in our household, but now I don’t know what we would do without him. Louie is a constant source of entertainment and loving kisses. He is a joy to go on walks with, and he loves…

Adopt a St. Louis Rescue Dog: Meet Chantilly!

Meet Chantilly! A St. Louis rescue dog.

Meet Chantilly! She’s sweet, friendly, St. Louis rescue dog up for adoption and has the most beautiful brindle coat that shows off her eyes. She’s not just good looks, though! Chantilly is house-trained and crate trained. She is great with other dogs, cats, and older children but hasn’t been around young children yet.
The beautiful Chantilly started off her short life as a stray dog in East…

Wednesday’s Foster Dog: Meet Julliard, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Meet Julliard, an adoptable dog in St. Louis! Julliard is a special pup that is ready to give a whole lot of love and goofy smiles to a forever family. This sweet, beautiful girl absolutely loves meeting new people and is always looking for a good cuddle.

Julliard was rescued when her future foster mom went out to feed two other stray dogs that she knew. Julliard was right there with t…

Help Us Save Lives by Joining our Foster Program


Have you ever wanted to foster a pet, but didn’t know how to get started?

We are in great need of new foster homes, which are vital in helping stray animals find their forever homes. Without foster homes, Gateway Pet Guardians could not save, rehabilitate and adopt the hundreds of homeless strays we do every year.

We have several pets that we’re looking to place in foster homes…

Monday’s Foster Dog: Meet Moon, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!

This week, we’re excited to introduce Moon as our Monday Adoptable Dog. He is quite the little survivor! While Gateway Pet Guardians was out delivering dog houses to homes in East Saint Louis, a family informed us that there was a puppy and a mother in an abandoned home. When we went to check it out, we found Moon. Unfortunately, his litter mates were not as lucky. He was the lon…

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Bogus/Barclay, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Bogus/Barclay, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis. Bogus is quite the character. For such a young boy he already has quite the reputation as a goofy and independent guy. During a routine feeding in East St. Louis, GPG founder, P.J. Hightower, was approached by a local family in hopes of finding him a home. Like an angel from out of nowhere, Bogus appeared one day and…

Wednesday’s Foster Dog: Meet Banzai, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Meet Banzai, an adoptable dog in St. Louis! Banzai and his sister were rescued in East St. Louis. The first thing that the rescuers were reminded of when they came across the pups was the hyenas from The Lion King, and that’s where Banzai’s name came from. Just like those hyenas, Banzai and his sister were very skinny and literally surviving on rocks and leaves. However, unlike those hyenas…

Coordinator Spotlight: Alana (Wuertz) Swiderski

Alana (Wuertz) Swiderski

Alana (Wuertz) Swiderski
Foster Program Co-Chair
Alana (Wuertz) Swiderski has been involved in Gateway Pet Guardians since 2011. She is the Foster Program Co-Chair, heading up the foster mentor team and home visit team for the program. Her favorite thing about her position is doing home visits for potential adopters and fosters. She gets to meet new people that are extremely excited about…

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