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August 2014

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis: Meet Mindy!


Meet Mindy!
Mindy is a young American Eskimo Dog/Spitz mix who came to us from a very bad living situation and was extremely shy.  She has truly blossomed in the care and love of her foster family and is ready to enjoy the good life with her forever family.  In the words of her foster mom, Mindy is a beautiful soul who just wants to be loved.

Mindy is about 35 pounds and has a lot of…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis: Meet AC!

Adoptable dog in St. Louis - AC

It was a hot weekend, but hopefully everyone stayed cool and had a good one! AC, our adoptable dog this Monday, is ready for some fun times in the pool during this heat.

AC is a Labrador Retriever mix that we rescued from Animal Control two months ago. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. Most importantly, he’s ready to leave the shelter with the help of his future forever…

Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer Heat


The summer heat wave continues across St. Louis, and pets and people alike need to take care in these extreme temperatures. If you want to bring your dog along for some fun in the summer sun, remember these safety tips to avoid health risks.

Overheating can lead to serious health conditions or even death.

Check for one or more signs like labored panting, squinted eyes, slowed pace,…

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Eeyore, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Eeyore, an adoptable dog in St. Louis! Cute and cuddly, this Shepherd mix puppy is one of the most well-rounded companions you’ll ever meet; and an unbelievable great cuddle bug. Like other puppies, he’s in that perfect, carefree phase of puppy-hood where everything is new and wonderful and just looking for that right home who will help him grow and…

Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Julia Mittelstadt!

become a foster

This week’s foster spotlight is on a very special woman and one of the original veterans of GPG, Julia Mittelstadt. She has been with GPG since its founding in 2004. She’s had so many fosters throughout the years that there is no way she could count them on her fingers and toes. She has no preference when it comes to age or even type of animal to foster. If there is a pup in need (and s…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis: Meet Kayak!


Meet Kayak!

In one word, Kayak is GOOFY! This adorable guy is full of life! From the moment you meet him, he makes it known that he is your friend and you WILL love him by the time you leave. 
I asked him what he would like his forever family to know about him. Here’s his response: Hello! My name is Kayak and I was transferred from animal control on my last day. The ladies at animal contro…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis: Meet Belle (Sapphire)!

Adoptable dog in St. Louis - Belle (Sapphire)

Happy Monday! This Monday we are featuring Sapphire, better known as Belle! Belle is a Boxer/Terrier mix who is spayed and up-to-date with shots. She is a medium-sized dog who thinks she’s a lap dog!

Belle is a very loving girl. She gets a long well with other dogs, but has been introduced only to big dogs so far. She loves to play and loves her toys. She likes sturdy toys and rawhides…

Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Melissa Stiles!

Foster Spotlight Melissa Stiles

This week’s foster spotlight survey showcases one of our seasoned fosters, Melissa Stiles. Melissa got involved with GPG through none other than our great Executive Director, Jamie Case. Melissa has been fostering with GPG for over three years and has had so many precious pups come through her home that she has lost count! While she would prefer to play with puppies, her busy schedule only…

Meet Storm! – Wednesday’s St. Louis Adoptable Dog of the Day

Meet Storm!

Storm is 1.5 year old Labrador retriever mix who is looking for a family to call her own.  This love bug can handle anything you throw at her: people, kids, dogs…even cats!

Storm is house and crate trained.  She is the typical lovable lab who wants to play with everyone and everything, especially other dogs.  She loves water and would love to go swimming wit…

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Mr. Happy, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Mr. Happy, an adoptable dog in St. Louis! At only two years old, this Pit Bull Terrier mix has already made a name for himself both on the streets and in his foster home. As a regular on the feeding route, he was named for his bubbly personality and consistently optimistic view of life. When an injury made his rescue critical, he was taken in and nursed back to…

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