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December 2014

Buddy’s Story

Buddy’s story is a lengthy one.  His story begins with our community outreach team.  During the harsh winter of 2013/2014, Gateway Pet Guardians embarked on a life-saving mission for the owned animals in East St. Louis, IL.  Volunteers were out weekly, if not daily during cold snap, knocking on doors, giving away free dog houses, straw, food and encouraging residents to bring their pets…

Magnolia’s Story

Magnolia’s story begins in late July.  During her routine walk-through of St. Clair County Animal Control, Rescue Program Lead, Stacey Kaemmerer saw a scared, mangy dog cowering in the back of one of the cages. She was almost completely hairless and her skin was raw and bleeding. Stacey knew we couldn’t leave this girl behind.  She would be ready for transfer within a day.  That was when s…

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