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May 2015

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Fiona!

Silly Single Female Looking For Love in the Heartland

Do you like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain?
I’m just kidding! I’m not old enough so my foster mom won’t let me drink Pina Coladas. But I do love getting caught in the rain. Actually, I like AFTER it rains! Because that is when I get to jump in puddles! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

My name is Fiona and…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Iris!

Adopter, adopter, life-saving adopter, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells and pretty IRISes all in a row?? 
Iris is an amazing sweetheart who is ready to bloom in a home (or garden) of her own. She likes to play shy at first, but she loves all people! Full of happy puppy energy, Iris would especially love people that would play fetch with her every day and walk her or…

Meet Denbo – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

adoptable dogs in St. Louis

A name meaning “stability.”

Denbo is one of Gateway Pet Guardians’ adoptable dogs in St. Louis. He is a four-year-old German Shepherd and Lab mix.

GPG rescued Denbo with multiple fractures in his hind leg which required surgery. He is currently taking time to recover and learn about life in a home with his foster family. The name “Denbo” means stability – which is what…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Pink!

Well hello there! What’s that? Oh, no, I’m not the Rock Star named “Pink”; I’m the Dog Star named Pink. Its okay, I get mistaken for her all the time. Its totally understandable, we are A LOT alike.

It’s true. Aside from the obvious (our gorgeous looks), we practically live parallel lives. Let’s see, we’re both great singers. I personally think my “sound” is more commercia…

Meet Dory – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

adoptable dogs in st. louis

A pup with a free spirit.  

Dory is a 2-year-old German Shepherd Mix who adores other dogs. In fact, Dory hasn’t quite figured out that her humans and her cat foster sibling are not dogs! Dory came to her Gateway Pet Guardians foster as a feral pup, so she is still learning that her human and cat friends aren’t the same as her dog friends. In her eyes, a playmate is a playmate,…

HODOR! – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

Hodor hodor hodor hodor! This is Hodor!

Who wouldn’t want this piece of cinematic magic in their home?!  Hodor steals his name from the show Game of Thrones.  It’s only fitting that he loves watching the show with his foster family.

Hodor is a large boy weighing in around 60 lbs. But he is 60 pounds of love. He does well with other dogs, seems interested in cats, and is great with adults…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Clover!

What’s in a name? Well, a lot actually…. especially if you’re talking about our girl Clover.

Clover loves kids! It may be because she’s practically a kid herself. At just 1 year old, this girl plays well with young children and loves the energy they bring to a house.

Clover is such a love bug. If you are sitting down, then she is sitting next to you (or on you). At only 20-25 pounds…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Sapphire!

Meet Sapphire!

This pretty girl, who also goes by and responds to ‘Belle,’ is both crate-trained and house-trained. She’s learning commands such as, ‘shake’, ‘sit’, and ‘stay’ as well as the ‘okay’ command before she can start eating. She has been trying to learn roll over, but she always stops halfway for belly rubs!

Sapphire loves going on walks and runs and is working on walking…

Happy Tails Update: Eeyore

Jaxon (fka: Eeyore) is a happy, silly, loving 70 lb boy. He is doing wonderful in his home with his brother Tigger (Chihuahua), and sister Callie (cat). He loves to chase his sister around the house, loves to play fetch, and loves to be outside scoping out all the neighborhood squirrels. He just celebrated his first birthday complete with a candle and a special cake that mommy made just for…

Meet Van Gogh: A Gateway Pet Guardians Adoptable Dog

Van Gogh
A GPG story of progress. 


Van Gogh was on the Gateway Pet Guardians feeding route for years before his rescue. When GPG started to see Van Gogh’s life on the streets get tougher, we began the search for a foster to take him in. When a foster volunteered and GPG was able to rescue him, he had about 75 wounds and he was missing his ear. Van Gogh’s story became an…

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