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June 2015

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Hades!

Greetings mortals!
I am Hades, Greek God of the Underworld and I have been sent here to…okay, fine. The jig is up. Obviously I’m not the actual Greek God of the Underworld. Heck, I don’t even know what  “Underworld” means.

But what I am the God of is SWEETNESS! I just love to be loved. And I love just about everything and everyone. I like playing with other dogs and kids ar…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet George!

George, George, George of the Jungle! That’s me!! Well… maybe one day I’ll at least be George of Your Backyard!
But just like George of the Jungle, I am ‘the defender of the innocent, protector of the weak and an all around good guy.’ I am super friendly and I really love to play, especially with kids and other dogs. In fact, I love to play so much that my dream home would have both kids and…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Jimmy!

Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy has all the swagger of James Dean, but he looks more like a Jimmy Dean sausage link. A solid 36-pound pug-Boston terrier mix, he has a unique look with his brindled coat, spotted tongue, and no tail.  Speaking of tails, check out the epic Tail of Jimmy!

One of Jimmy’s favorite pastimes is ‘Unbuild-a-Bear.’ That’s right: he likes to pull the guts out of stuffed animals and…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Fagen!

“Little Fiery One” 

Meet Fagen – one of Gateway Pet Guardians’ adoptable dogs in St. Louis! Fagen was found at a hard time in his puppy life. A little over one year ago, GPG rescued him from living outside in a space between houses. Even though Fagen was found at a tough time in his life, he still has a loving and playful personality that always shines through (watch a video of…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Cocoa!

When you hear the word “cocoa” what do you think of? Soothing Cocoa Butter? Yummy Cocoa Puffs? Cups of Hot Cocoa? Well after today, when you hear the word Cocoa you will think of the most beautiful dog in the world….ME!

Hi there, my name is Cocoa! I’m not sure if I’m the most beautiful dog in the world, but that’s what people keep telling me. They also keep calling me a…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Miss Demeanor!

Meet Miss Demeanor!
Her name may be Miss Demeanor, but this pretty girl likes to go by Ellie.  Stranger-danger’ is what Miss Demeanor thinks when she first meets someone, and let’s face it, if you watch the news, you can appreciate her reserve. But that’s her only minor offense, and with the help of a little string cheese, she quickly learns to trust.  

Once she trusts you, then she’s ready…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Dooley!

My fellow Canines,
It is with great honor that I, Dooley, officially announce my candidacy for President of Rescue Dogs!
I believe my history for being a fantastic rescue qualifies me for this high office. I am crate trained, like kids, and adore other dogs. I also consider myself an incredible power chewer who has conquered many foes including antlers, frozen Kongs, Nylabones and rope toys…

Meet Movado – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

Puppy Lovin’ 

Movado didn’t get to have a “puppyhood”, but she is free to act like the puppy she never could!

Movado is a medium size Labrador mix. She has the spirit, energy and affection of a puppy! Of course, being a puppy is great – it means a lot of energy to play and love to give!

She is truly a funny girl, she will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Her best…

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