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July 2015

Meet Chicken—An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a Tweet?
Instead of having someone else tell you about Chicken, she decided to tell you herself with a little help from social media.




Make this shy, sweet girl a part of your home, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application.

Meet Margaux – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Meet Margaux!!!

She is a sweetheart! Margaux is very friendly and ultra playful! She loves everyone: dogs, kids, and adults. She has not yet met cats. She has a lot of energy and would be best in an active home. She is really good at playing fetch and loves to tug of war with rope toys.

Margaux has a great appetite and is food motivated. She has already learned ‘sit’ and ‘down.’ She walks…

Meet Elvis–An adoptable dog in St. Louis

Love me tender,
love me sweet,
never let me go
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so.
Well hello there, I hope I wasn’t disturbing you. I was just singing my favorite tune by my famous namesake, The King. I practice that song a lot because I’m hoping one day to sing it to my adoptive family.

Until that day I’m enjoying living with my wonderful foster family. I…

Meet Miss Thelma – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Meet Miss Thelma!

Miss Thelma was rescued as a pregnant momma off the streets and raised 3 happy, healthy puppies. She is potty trained and does well in the crate, sleeping there at night and staying there during the day when the humans are away. Miss Thelma is very sweet, silly, likes to be around people, and LOVES tennis balls. She also likes to cuddle and get a tummy rub whenever s…

Meet Boone—Adoptable Dog in St. Louis

His foster doesn’t take him for walks; he walks his foster…
The pizza man leaves him a tip…
Thunder barks at him…
He is…the most interesting dog in the world.
Hello darlings. I’m Boone and some call me the most interesting dog in the world. I really don’t mind what you call me, as long as you call me baby.
You see… I’m looking for my forever home.

I guess you can say…

Meet Brutus – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Grumpy Cat is yesterday’s news.  Do you want to know what the next internet sensation is going to be?  Do you want to adopt the next internet sensation?
Meet Brutus!  He’s the next big thing!
Brutus may look like Grumpy Cat’s canine cousin, but he’s as sweet and lovable as can be. His foster mom confessed that he’s her favorite foster of all time, and she’s ‘obsessed’ with his soft…

Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Happy!

“Because I’m Happy… Wag along if you feel like a dog with a dozen bones.Because I’m Happy… Wag along if you feel like happiness is a home. Because I’m Happy… Wag along if you know what happiness is to you. Because I’m Happy… Wag along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do!” Oh hello there beautiful readers! Sorry, I was just singing my favorite song. I mean, when Pharr…

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis – Meet Miss Sophie!

Hello! My name is Miss Sophie!

My foster mama says a good word to describe me is ‘eager.’ If you want to play, I’m eager to play; if you want to snuggle, I’m eager to snuggle too! If you want to walk, I will behave on my leash; if you want to teach me tricks, I will watch you and learn what you mean. I just really, really like making my people happy!!

I try so hard to be a good girl – I’m…

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