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December 2015

Gateway Center for Performing Arts teams up with Gateway Pet Guardians

As the most famous orphan of all time, Annie knows a few things about feeling alone and abandoned. She knows how it feels to watch families look, smile, and pass by without a word. She knows how it feels to be told you’re not the “right fit for our family”. So as a huge animal lover, Annie couldn’t stand by and watch the area’s homeless dogs feel the same way.

Annie and her…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It’s getting cold outside, which means frigid temperatures, icy winds, and snow are upon us. Many of our rescue dogs spent the beginning of their lives in a battle against Mother Nature. However, since they’ve been rescued, they worry no more. We want to take the opportunity to provide some tips to keep your own dogs warm, and to do so, we asked the experts. We could think of nobody mor…

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