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April 2016

What is this “Give STL Day” everyone is raving about?


You’ve seen the Facebook profile pics with the Give STL logo, you’ve seen the giant billboards around town AND you’ve probably either seen news coverage or heard a local radio personality chatting up the biggest fundraising day in St. Louis! Soooooo, what is it??

(Fair warning, this post is FILLED with important information so make sure to read through!)

Well, for GPG it’s…

Genevieve’s Story–A Very Happy Tail

One look at Genevieve’s old pictures and you see how bad things were for her. She was rescued from an abandoned house that was falling down. She lived among heaps of trash, broken drywall, and discarded furniture. GPG fed her, watched her condition, and tried desperately to find a foster to take her in. But her condition worsened quickly – faster than expected. Although we fed her daily, her…

The impact… CONFIRMED

I was inspired today to make another blog post about the impact we and other organizations are making in the St. Louis and East St. Louis metro areas. While attending this month’s St. Louis Petlover Coalition meeting, I was listening to our own amazing veterinarian, Dr. Ed Migneco (owner of Hillside Animal Hospital) present on his clinic’s rescue work and the interesting cases they get to s…

Inara’s Happy Tail

Gateway Pet Guardians met and got to know Inara through our outreach efforts in the community. We helped the owner care for her by providing a doghouse, tie-out, and other supplies, until we had the opportunity to rescue. Once in foster it was easy to see she was going to be a fantastic part of someone’s family. But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Inara’s (now Nora) ADOPTED…

The impact

I just have to brag on our outreach team for a bit… We are struggling to find puppies in our service area (East St. Louis metro area)! Our Outreach Program has been in full swing for the past three years and we have fixed close to 1,000 animals in that area. We have puppy fosters waiting for puppies and there just aren’t that many out there! That used to be our primary intake of rescues! W…

Mama Gemini’s Story—A Happy Tail

Last summer, Mama Gemini and her four puppies were rescued from Animal Control by GPG. After nursing her pups, Gemini went into a foster home where she could relax and work on her initial shyness.

After a few months in foster, she was officially adopted in early December of 2015. Gemini, now named Josie, is adored by her new family.

This is what they had to say about their new girl:

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