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June 2016

A Heart for Healing: Shanda and Cowboy’s Story

cowboy 2

All of the dogs at Gateway Pet Guardians need some form of help upon rescue. But some require extra care—real medical help. And they need a kind and patient foster family to nurture and love them along on their journey.

Shanda Cuccio and her family open their home to these special cases. Their home is a ‘hospital ward’ for sick and injured animals. They specialize in medical cases,…

Meet Maddox–A Happy Tail!

When Maddox first came to GPG, he was severely underweight and had spent most of his young life living on a 2-foot chain. But with a little TLC and patience, Maddox healed both physically and mentally. He learned how to relax, play and most of all love.

After a few months in foster care, Maddox found his forever home!


Max’s new family had this to say about him:

How Long is Too Long?

$25 adoption fees for all dogs that have been with GPG for over one year!
How long should a dog have to wait before finding a family to call their own? How long should a dog have to wait to curl up in their own bed or run in their own yard? How long should a dog have to wait to have their wishes come true?

We want to introduce you to some pups who have waited long enough! During the mont…

Happy Tails Update: Miranda


My husband and I just adopted Miranda! We have recently changed her name to “Silver” and she already knows her name along with all the commands her foster parents had taught her. When she was found she had a dislocated hip and multiple old pevlis fractures…But enough of her past because she is loving her new home and life. She is so sweet and loving. She loves cuddling with us and…

Happy Tails Update: Annabelle

We have had our sweet puppy, Annabelle (Sanibel) for 1 week now. She is doing wonderfully! Everyone that meets her falls instantly in love with her. She has also made frinds with my son’s dogs when they visit. She is learning fast and we are happy to have her.

– Cathy…

Happy Tails Update: Luv

Our Luvie is exactly as her name says. She is a love to be around and she loves everyone and everything. She is a wonderful new addition to our family and our other two girls actually seem to love her too, they are a bit picky. Luvie has firmly placed herself in our hearts forever and we feel very lucky to have found her.

– Kim…

Happy Tails Update: Ranger

We adopted Gryffin (his name was then Ranger) almost 1.5 years ago when he was just 9 weeks old. While I had dogs growing up, I had never been the primary caretaker and my fiance had never had a pet before in his life. Needless to say, it was a complete life-changing moment when we brought him home for the first time and realized it was solely up to us to care for him. We got extremely lucky…

Happy Tails Update – Bobo

My son and I had been wanting a dog to join our family for some time but we took time to check out different places and wanted to make sure we found the right fit for us. I came across Gateway Pet Guardians online and began browsing. The day I sent the application in for Bobo I was contacted back by his foster Mom who excitedly told me she thought Bobo would be a perfect fit in our home, and s…

Happy Tails Update: Butters

We have had Angel (fka. Butters) since she was 14 weeks old. She has grown so much she has become a best friend for our son and a bed hog. We love her with all our heart and are so glad we adopted her.

– Barbara…

Happy Tails Update: Trooper

Trooper is incredible. He has so much personality and we love watching him grow (almost 2 pounds a week!) There is no such thing as a stranger in his eyes; he loves everyone and every thing. When he isn’t pulling every single one of his toys out of his box and spreading them around the house, he is sitting on your foot, chasing ice cubes around the kitchen floor or making his way into your lap.

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