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July 2016

The Shelter Guardian Program: Amy and Ellie’s Story

Ellie has been in Gateway Pet Guardians care for over 550 days. While Ellie’s stay at our Emergency Shelter has been a long one, it definitely doesn’t lack for excitement, largely thanks to her amazing Shelter Guardian, Amy Appal. The Shelter Guardian program is designed to enhance the lives of animals at our shelter. Volunteers are paired with shelter dogs for socialization, training,…

Fourteen Tiny Mouths to Feed: Jen, Kyle, and Bastille’s Story

They have been fostering for less than a year, but have already saved the lives of 24 animals by opening their home and hearts. Jen and Kyle Myerscough are a special type of foster family. They specialize in helping moms with puppies, helping mothers whelp and nurse, and bottlefeeding whenever needed.

Bastille came into their lives last week when she was spotted on the feeding route in East…

Controlling the Homeless Cat Population

Over the past year, Gateway Pet Guardians has taken a new approach to controlling the homeless cat population in the Metro East. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) specifically targets stray and feral cats—cats that otherwise could not be adopted out into a family home. In TNR, cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian (in our case, Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic) to be spayed/neutered and…

From Lonely to Loved: Sarah, Brian, and Larry’s Story

Some dogs are terrified and untrusting of humans, making it difficult to catch them for rescue. And so was the case with Larry. Larry spent five years on the streets of East St. Louis. He was part of a pack of feral dogs that included some other long-timers, like Aubrey, Buki, and Spice Kid. Volunteers fed this pack daily, but they never let them get too close. He would come when they called, but…

“Unit Puppy 1” Maiden Voyage

This month has been big for the Gateway Pet Guardians Community Outreach Program. Our friends at Complete Truck & RV Repair donated a large conversion van to be used for our spay/neuter efforts, and we named the vehicle “Unit Puppy 1.”

Thursday, July 7 was Unit Puppy 1’s maiden voyage. Volunteers were up at the crack of dawn, armed with Starbucks and eager to make their rounds.

Dogs Playing for Life – GAME CHANGER for our Emergency Shelter

A few weeks ago, we had one of the most amazing weeks at the shelter!  I had the pleasure of attending the Dogs Play For Life Seminar ( at Purina Farms on Tuesday along with my other shelter staff and volunteers. We learned how to implement play groups at the shelter and the benefits they have on the dogs. Trainer and founder of Dogs Play For Life, Aimee Sadler, said…

Long Enough: Jeanne and Mama Heart’s Story

Sometimes in rescue, it takes a long time for a pup to find their forever home. Mama Heart has had a long journey with Gateway Pet Guardians (over 500 days to be exact!), and we think it’s about time she found her happily ever after!

Mama Heart was found with her seven puppies in February, 2015 in unsafe conditions. We rescued her and her pups from the harsh winter cold. Once in rescue,…

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