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March 2017

We’re All Ears!

What do all ten of the dogs on this page have in common? Huge, adorable, floppy ears! They might be pointy, they might be curvy, they might be straight… but all of these dogs have the cutest ears on this planet. And this month, we want to celebrate these pups by reducing their adoption fees to just $100!



Check out these great dogs by clicking on their photos below.

Reuniting Pets With Their People: Bam Bam’s Story

We love happy endings, especially in the Metro East Community! A few weeks ago we found this adorable white pit mix wandering along a busy street. We noticed he’d been neutered, but when we took him to the vet to get scanned for a microchip, he didn’t have one. We shared his picture with our Community Outreach Team, and a volunteer recognized him immediately… it was Bam Bam! We called his…

Letting Dogs Be Dogs: How Daily Play Groups Have Changed Lives

It’s a beautiful morning, with birds chirping and rays of sunlight beaming through the canopy in the play yard of the Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter. Shelter staff Shaun Case and Kimmy Nasti circle the outside of the enclosure, watching closely as a group of dogs zoom and jump about, inviting each other to play. Case, with the assistance of Nasti, is conducting a “play group,”…

Finding Joy in Waiting: Jackie’s Story

It was a hot August afternoon when Gateway Pet Guardians met Jackie, the beautiful blue pittie mama with five precious babies. She was emaciated, with no access to food or water. Her puppies were underweight with skin issues. Without hesitation, we brought Jackie and her babies into rescue. Shortly after, her babies were all adopted. But Jackie still waits for her happily ever after. Luckily, s…

Microchips Save Lives: Sparkle’s Story

On February 11, we met Sparkle, a beautiful, young black lab mix. She was outside on a leash tied to the porch playing with her little girl when volunteers drove by. The adorable sight of the child with her dog motivated the volunteers to introduce themselves to the family and see if they were interested in GPG’s services.

The family had found the dog just three days prior. The child’s…

In Animal Rescue, We’re Better Together

Sometimes rescuing an animal takes several organizations working together to make it happen. And when rescues work together, more lives can be saved. Last week, we had the opportunity to save two dogs in our service area thanks to partnerships with other rescue organizations. We are so thankful for their help!

Earlier this week, our volunteers found a stray dog on the top of a roof in an…

The Shelter Guardian Program: Argos and Linda’s Story

Every weekend, Gateway Pet Guardians volunteers make their way to K9 Athletic Club to help some very special pups with training. This is a special time for the shelter dogs. It’s an opportunity to leave the shelter, learn some new tricks, and work on bettering themselves, all while spending time with some of their favorite people on earth!

Training is a big piece of the Shelter Guardian…

The Fix-a-Bull Program: Establishing Partnerships to Save More Lives

February brought some much-appreciated assistance for the Gateway Pet Guardians Spay/Neuter Program thanks to our friends at the Animal Protective Association (APA). Last year, the APA established a Fix-a-Bull Program that provides for pitbulls and pit mixes to be spayed or neutered free of charge, as well as given vaccinations and microchips. Because pitbulls are the breed most often euthanized…

Puppacino Paradise

Starbucks has a secret menu item called a ‘Puppacino,’ and Gateway dogs go ga ga over the delicious treats! It’s simply whipped cream served in an espresso-cup, but it’s like candy to our canine friends. Check out some of our adorable adoptables indulging in this delicacy!

All of these pups are searching for a forever home… one that will shower them in puppacinos!

Thirteen Lucky Dogs

Black dogs are more likely to be passed over in shelters and rescue, regardless of their breed. In fact, many of our black dogs have been with us for over a year! That’s 365+ days of waiting for their forever homes. These black dogs are amazing pets, just waiting to be discovered!

But we feel that March is a lucky month for our black dogs. Throughout the month, we’re discounting t…

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