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April 2017

Meet the GPG Board of Directors!

2016 is in the books and we are excited to see what 2017 has in store for us!  As we continue our life-saving journey, we know we need all hands on deck!  For that reason, we have grown the Board of Directors.  These individuals are all passionate, experienced professionals who are chosen to lead the direction of the organization.

Lauren Anderson Koelker – Lauren has been a volunteer for…

First Comes Shelter Love, Then Comes Marriage

Every Monday evening, you’ll find Tim Buchek and Lara Gates volunteering at the Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter. For the past 4 ½ years, they’ve spent one day a week completely devoted to the shelter pets – walking dogs, cleaning out kennels, giving belly rubs, playing fetch outside, and enriching the lives of shelter residents. That’s over 200 shelter shifts, hundreds of dogs,…

First EVER Shelter Slumber Paw-ty was a HUGE HIT!

“You’re doing what?” That was the question I got asked almost every time I told someone what our volunteers and staff were doing the weekend of April 21, 2017.  The answer, having a slumber pawty at the shelter!

After medical expenses hit hard at the end of 2016, our savings account dwindled to almost nothing.  From parvo support to emergency surgeries and procedures, we do whatever w…

There’s Something Magic in Her Touch: Roo and Opry’s Story

When faced with tragedy, there are many ways to grieve. Friends and family, for example, can be a blessing. But for Roo Hiremath, the loss of her best friend Maggie after graduation was crushing. She spent the summer dealing with the reality and emotional impact of her loss, but realized she needed help getting through this period in her life. She needed someone to love her unconditionally.

Happy Tails Update: Roxy

From forever mom Dina Bridge:

“Roxy (FKA Eleven) has been a wonderful addition to our family. After asking for a dog for two years, I think our kids have found the perfect dog for them! I just didn’t realize how much we all needed this little girl in our life! It is incredible how quickly she adjusted to life with “her boys.” She is so sweet and smart and loving. She waits at the front for t…

Happy Tails Update: Louie

From forever mom Jenny Grigsby:

“Louie (AKA Martin) is settling right in! He loves to play with his big sister Roxy and then snuggle with us. Louie is full of puppy energy and makes us laugh all of the time by pouncing off the couch like a kangaroo onto Roxy. His favorite place in the house is the kitchen. He loves to sit and watch us cook and he waits for an ice cube which has become his…

Comfort and Confidence: Peyton, Philip and Kaldi’s Story

In January, Gateway Pet Guardians received a call from a Metro East resident about a neighborhood stray. The dog had been hanging around her house, but overnight, she had given birth to five puppies in her dog’s doghouse! Without hesitation, we welcomed the mama dog and her five puppies into the Gateway Pet Guardians family. The mama was named Kaldi, and her five babies were called t…

Reuniting Pets With Their People: The Power of Social Media

Over the past several years, we have worked on growing and strengthening our relationships with community members in the Metro East through our Community Outreach Program. And through our conversations with the residents, we have recognized a need that has not yet been addressed within the community. It’s not uncommon to stumble across a stray dog running at large, or meet a family that has…

Meow! No-kill resolution passed in St. Clair County, now what?

Here kitty, kitty…  We will be hearing more of this as not only has St. Clair County, IL passed the No-Kill Resolution by 2021 BUT now county board members have also passed a community cat ordinance!  This is all amazing news for the county’s animals!  Personally, I can’t be more excited about the county’s commitment to animals by lowering euthanasia and increasing the save rate.  As a…

Help Us, Help Them in the Month of April

Want to help out the pups at Gateway Pet Guardians, but not sure how? Check out these great fundraisers during the month of April! Consider attending one of the events below to help raise much needed funds for the rescue pups at GPG.

Lola & Penelope’s

Lola & Penelope’s has five ways to donate to GPG through the month of April! Check out the list below:

Purchase a box of…

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