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July 2017

A Message for Violet: Anne and Millie’s Story

Anne and Greg Halvachs have been fostering for Gateway Pet Guardians for over seven years. They are an incredible team, and have saved countless lives. They recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Violet, into their lives. Anne has a special message for her daughter, and was kind enough to share with the world. Thank you, Anne, for sharing your story.

Everyone knows I love animals,…

Happy Tails Update: LaLa’s Story

We want to share a story. An incredible story, told first-hand by one of our volunteers, about our relationship with a community member and his dog, LaLa. It’s a story about helping an owner and pet in need, following through with promises, and moving one step closer to no more homeless pets in the Metro East. Thank you, Sara Cordevant, for sharing your story.


LaLa, aka Layla,…

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The Story of Rachel, Mitchell, and the Seuss Puppies

In June, we were introduced to the beautiful Mama Millie. She was extremely pregnant, and lived with a community member who asked us for help. We spent a few days working to secure a foster home for Millie so she could have her babies. But when the day came for rescue, she had already had them under a porch! We picked up Mama Millie and her ten beautiful babies, and they went to live in a foster…

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