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July 2018

Heartworms in the Community: Xena and King’s Story

Heartworms. Those icky, parasitic worms that are spread through the bites of mosquitoes, infecting countless pets in our service area. The combination of warm weather, standing water, and lack of heartworm preventative make East St. Louis a breeding ground for this disease. And unfortunately, heartworm disease can result in severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death in pets…

A Wish Come True: Laura and Lillie’s Story

After adopting a sweet little silver pittie from GPG, Laura and her boyfriend Tim decided to dive into the fostering game.
“It’s so addicting,” Laura states, “watching a newly rescued dog learn and adapt in their foster home. It’s extremely rewarding to be a part of their journey!”

And that was no different when they opened their home to Lillie, a young & beautiful shepherd…

All Thanks to Banfield: Helping Pets in the Metro East Community

Banfield Pet Hospital is opening a new location in Richmond Heights, and as part of their grand opening, they offered free vetting services to adoptable pets at Gateway Pet Guardians. But we were SO excited to also learn that they extended their generosity to owned pets in the community we serve, as well! Over that past three days, four pets have made the trip to Banfield Pet Hospital to receiv…

Local Veterinary Hospital Donates Thousands of Dollars in Free Veterinary Care to Save Adoptable Pets

SAINT LOUIS – “It takes a village,” is a common phrase in animal welfare, and a village of people is coming together to help 15 pets receive much-needed vet care so they can be adopted into loving families.

Banfield Pet Hospital is opening a new location in Richmond Heights, and as part of their grand opening, they’ve offered free vetting services to local animal welfare organizations…

Saving Brennivin: A Story Bigger Than Her Own

She emerged from a dirty plastic doghouse. I took a moment to take in the sight before me.

We were in the brush, yet somehow light filtered in and illuminated the skeleton just feet ahead. One by one, you could see her ribs down her back, each more prominent than the last until her rear, which was so thin and bony it was a wonder she could even stand. She stepped forward and the heavy chain…

Fighting Fleas in the Community

This summer has been tough for community pets. We have seen numerous cases involving flea and tick infestations, several resulting in flea dermatitis and secondary skin infections. This condition is uncomfortable for the pets, and the families are pained as they watch their pets suffer from the itching and scratching. Luckily, it’s an easy fix, but it does require supplies and at times veterinary…

2018 Community Mid-Year Report

Dear Gateway Pet Guardians Supporters:

I wanted to take a moment and provide an update on our efforts in the Metro East. We have several programs designed to keep pets with their families and out of the area shelter. I have tried to highlight each of these programs to showcase how our efforts are making an impact.
Community Hotline
We have a special hotline number for community members to…

Help During a Difficult Time: Cody’s New Look

We met Cody this past winter during our cold weather outreach efforts. We recently heard from his mom, who was undergoing a big surgery. She was scared she couldn’t continue to care for Cody after her surgery, and was hoping to find him a new home.

We visited and asked her, “What do you need to be able to keep Cody during this difficult time?”

“Grooming and food,” was her response. And…

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