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March 2019

Working Together to Save Lives: Scrappy’s Story

Every month, we receive countless calls from community members needing help. These calls consist of owner surrenders, stray reports, and lost dog reports–in addition to the dozens of calls requesting services. Gateway Pet Guardians recognizes that we cannot intake every animal in need as we field these calls, and we rely heavily on strong partnerships with rescue organizations in the area. When…

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Pretty Boy’s Story

Meet Pretty Boy. This handsome senior cat sustained an injury to his eye, leaving him in a lot of pain. After a visit to the vet, we learned that he had a tumor in his eye that likely developed after an old injury. We determined the eye needed to be removed to improve Pretty Boy’s quality of life.

Thanks to the East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we were able to assist Pretty Boy’s mom with the cost…

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Professional Development and Animal Welfare

It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!  That same philosophy applies to animal welfare professionals.  My name is Jill Henke and I have been involved in animal welfare for 12 years and currently work as the Program Director for Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG).  Prior to GPG, I had always worked with 100% foster-based organizations and didn’t have a ton of experienc…

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