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November 2019

J-Lo’s Difficult Delivery

Last week, we received a call from a community member concerned about her pup in active labor. Unfortunately, her dog J-Lo had complications and the puppy didn’t make it. Because she is a senior and had such a difficult delivery, we thought it was best to schedule her spay surgery immediately. She went in for spay a few days later.

It turned out the difficult labor also resulted in pyometra,…

160 Pets Receive Straw to Prepare for Winter Cold

Thanks to a grant from Maddie’s Fund, we invested in a mass texting service to send updates out to the families we work with as part of our extreme weather action plan. To prepare for the winter cold, we decided to text an invite to families to pick up straw which is used as bedding for doghouses and cat shelters. The turnout was absolutely incredible. We gave straw to 160 pets in just 3…

Doby’s Ride Home

We met Doby while canvassing for a vaccine clinic in Cahokia over a year ago. He came and greeted us while we walked in the street and his dad poked his head around the corner when he heard all the ridiculous doggy talk. He signed him up for spay/neuter on the spot and Doby went in to be fixed a few weeks later.

On Friday, we received a call from his dad saying Doby had been picked up by…

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