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A Forever Home for Two: Luke & Leela


A guest post by GPG Adopter, Anna Zor

Growing up in a home where we weren’t allowed to have pets that didn’t live outside, I took advantage of every chance to see a dog, pet a dog, house sit a neighbors’ dog, or go over to a friend’s who had a dog. I was a dog-lover stuck in a house where even a visiting dog was not allowed over the threshold. Once in college and out of the sorority house, my best friend/roommate and I began looking for a rental, the only requirement: allowed dogs. We found ourselves a three bedroom place before summer began that allowed us to have multiple pets.

I immediately started searching for the perfect pet. The first dog I met was a Gateway Pet Guardians dog who upon meeting her, was declared not adoptable at that point in time by GPG’s volunteer coordinator, Melissa (she ended up being adopted by her foster). Melissa asked me what I was looking for in a pet and said hesitantly, “This sounds bad, but my foster fits what you’re looking except that she’s a little younger than you were looking for.” I decided, along with my boyfriend, now fiance, Chris, we’re already out, let’s meet her. And that was it. I was in love with this short-haired, big-eyed, tiny white dog.

Read the rest of Leela’s story and how she met her new brother, Luke, at Anna’s blog Forever Home: Luke & Leela.  Go back to the newsletter main page to read about Luke’s mom, Padme and see photos of their rescue from the attic of an abandoned house in East. St. Louis.

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