Gateway Guardians: A Documentary

The Gateway Pet Guardians Story


In the shadow of the Arch…

The homeless pet population in East St. Louis is a constant battle for rescue group Gateway Pet Guardians. This documentary provides a glimpse into an organization that feeds, rescues and adopts hundreds of animals each year abandoned by their owners and society. The story is told by Gateway Pet Guardians’ volunteers, community members and most notably, founder P.J. Hightower.

To capture what no film crew could capture, P.J., along with volunteers, wore miniature hip-cams during their daily excursions to East St. Louis. These hip cameras recorded what PJ and her volunteers see on a daily basis. The audience, in turn, will get to see these dogs for the first time as they have never been seen before…


“Well made and moving.”

– Tom Stockman,



“Uplifting…by calling them to a greater purpose in life, are the dogs saving the people?”

– Chad Garrison, Riverfront Times



“A moving, dogs-eye-view of street packs and loners and their unorthodox saviors.”

– Lisa Wogan, Bark Magazine


Gateway Guardians: A Documentary