Our St. Louis Animal Shelter

St. Louis Pet Rescue


‘Welcome to Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter! How can I help you?”

Gateway Pet Guardians is currently a primarily foster-based animal rescue.  That means all of our dogs and puppies are living in the posh comfort of a real, live foster home – which is how we’d like to keep it!  

We believe that keeping our animals in a loving, nurturing home helps better socialize them and prepare them for their forever home than being cooped up in a kennel all day would.

But it does come in handy to have a building to house the animals that are in the most need – those who are sick or injured – on a temporary basis until a foster family steps forward.  It helps us as an organization rescue many more animals from the street.  In 2012, we were lucky to have a shelter space on Manchester Road in St. Louis donated to us by Hillside Animal Hospital.

The Home of Gateway Pet Guardians’ Emergency Shelter

The city of East St. Louis has no animal shelter – no humane society, no one to care about the welfare of its non-human residents. It is only governed by St. Clair County Animal Control, which has to police the entire county. Now we have a wonderful space just over the river in St. Louis City where we can temporarily house our rescued pets until they are ready to go to their foster or forever homes.

Take a closer look at our Emergency Shelter (click on photo to enlarge)

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