Areas We Serve

Although the Community Outreach Program officially began in Winter 2013, volunteers have been caring for the stray animals of the Metro East every single day since 2001. We serve East St. Louis, IL and the closely surrounding areas of Washington Park, Alorton, Centreville, and Cahokia.

East St. Louis has a population of 26,790, with a median household income of $19,856. 45.4% of residents are at the poverty level (U.S. Census Bureau). Of that population, there are approximately 3,790 pet owning households.* It’s a community in need of help, but not just financially. East St. Louis is what we call a ‘resource desert,’ with no veterinary clinics and few pet supply/grocery stores available to obtain pet food. Even if residents are financially able to care for their pets, there are few resources within the community they can rely on. At Gateway Pet Guardians, we strive to provide the resources necessary to care for pets, so residents can better care for both themselves and their animals.

* Dog owning households per the pet population calculator from the American Veterinary Medical Association.


The Gateway Pet Guardians Community Outreach Program strives to ensure that pet owners have the resources they need to provide their pets with a long, happy and healthy life. The goal of the program is to empower pet owners to keep pets in their homes and out of area shelters. We do this by distributing doghouses, tie-outs, bowls, collars, leashes, treats, and other supplies. In the cold months, we distribute straw to line and insulate doghouses. All supplies are donated or purchased with donated funds. View our Amazon Wishlist, or donate below and help pets in the Metro East.

Metro East residents in need of services may call our outreach hotline at (314) 399-9738.