East Side Pet Crisis Fund

In 2014, the East Side Pet Crisis Fund was created to assist families in the Metro East with emergency veterinary care. Through our work with the community, we encountered many situations where families needed financial help to care for their animals. Thanks to this fund, we are able to serve as a resource to residents with nowhere else to turn.

When a family has a pet needing emergency medical attention, the first step is to provide us proof of need (proof of government assistance, fixed income, etc). Exact vet care is determined in conjunction with the family, veterinarian and Community Director. This is always on a case by case basis and while funds are available. We ask that the family pays back a portion of the total cost if they can. If we assist the family, we do require that all animals in the home be spayed/neutered, or make plans to do so.

From January 2014 to January 2018, the East Side Pet Crisis Fund has helped over 90 families in some capacity. Assistance has included examinations, obstructions, parvo treatment, emergency surgeries, and humane euthanasia. Below are just a few of the many stories of the pets this fund has helped. Or, you can read more stories on our blog!

Chase’s Story

Chase was outside going potty when he was hit by a car, and his family was just devastated. He had several open wounds and couldn’t use his back leg. With no money, no transportation, and nowhere to turn, they called animal control, who gave them our number. We were happy to help Chase and his family and rushed him to the vet. Chase was sedated and had x-rays, and we were SO happy to learn he hadn’t broken any bones! The vet cleaned the gravel out of his wounds, bandaged him up, and gave him pain meds and antibiotics.

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Kisses’ Story

Concerned about her dog’s eye, Kisses’ mom called us asking for advice. She had what we originally thought was “cherry eye,” which appeared to be a pinkish blob in the corner of her eye. But after a visit to the vet, we learned that it was actually glaucoma. In an attempt to alleviate the pressure in her eye, Kisses underwent surgery and had her eye removed. Thanks ot the East Side Pet Crisis Fund, Kisses is recovering with her mom and happily learning what life is like without that pain in her eye!

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Diamond’s Story

In July 2017, we received a call from Diamond’s mom. Diamond had gotten attacked by another dog in the neighborhood, and had a severe injury on her leg. Thankfully, we were able to help Diamond and her family with our East Side Pet Crisis Fund. She is now back to her normal spunky self!

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Peanut’s Story

In May 2017, we were introduced to this adorable pup named Peanut. He had decided to rummage through the garbage and ate either a chicken bone or corn cob, and had an obstruction, requiring a visit to the emergency vet. Fortunately, Peanut didn’t require surgery. The vet helped him pass the obstruction, and he went back home to the love and comfort of his family.

Click here to learn more about Peanut’s story.

Thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we are able to help keep pets with their people by providing emergency veterinary care. But we aren’t able to help unless funds are available. YOU can make a difference in the life of a community pet, and keep a family whole by donating to this fund.

Metro East residents in need of emergency veterinary care for their pets may call our outreach hotline at (314) 399-9738.


Emergency veterinary care is made possible through the East Side Pet Crisis Fund thanks to our generous partners, Banfield Foundation and the ASPCA.