The Second Chance Fund

Meet the animals you’ve helped save so far:

Connor’s Second Chance:


Meet our newest second chance fund recipient, Connor. Connor has a wish: he hopes to be able to walk, run, and play like other puppies.

Nine-week-old Connor was born with Swimmers Syndrome. As a result of weak muscles in the rear limbs, “swimmers” are generally unable to stand at a normal age (3 weeks). Puppies suffering from this condition will instead lie on their chests and paddle in a turtle-like fashion as if “swimming.”

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This is Denbo. Life wasn’t always easy for this gentle boy. How a dog that has obviously lived such a hard life can have such a gentle spirit is a miracle on its own. He came to us with with a fractured leg that he barely used. It had been injured for so long that he had simply forgotten it. An amputation seemed imminent.

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Charlotte after

Charlotte was rescued in August, 2013.  Found laying on the side of the road in East St. Louis, she needed immediate medical attention. She’d been poisoned and possibly shot. Gateway volunteers sprang into action and Charlotte was back on her feet in just a few days.  This special girl touched the hearts of many Gateway volunteers and fans and finally found her forever home.

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Patches after

Patches was rescued in May, 2012 from a junk yard in East St. Louis. Nicknamed “Zombie Puppy,” he was suffering from severe demodex mange. The animal before us was barely recognizable as a dog. He looked more like something from a horror movie. Thanks to his dedicated foster mom, Patches made a full recovery.

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Trendley after

Trendley was rescued in June, 2011. Found wandering down Trendley street, emaciated with an embedded collar and dragging a tether, Trendly would not have made it much longer.  We scooped her up immediately and it didn’t take long for her to make a miraculous transformation into the beautiful dog you see before you today.

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Titan after (1)

Titan was rescued in March, 2011. Known on the street as Mr. Pit and Whiteboy, we’d been feeding him for quite some time but never rescued him because he technically belonged to someone. Gradually we saw  this gentle giant detoriate into a filthy, beat up animal and we just couldn’t stand it any longer.

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Humphrey after

Perhaps our most notable rescue, Humphrey came to us in January, 2011. He was a feral dog that we’d been tracking on the streets for some time. He had a crooked broken leg that hadn’t healed and hobbled around East St. Louis. We were unable to rescue him due to the fact that he was impossible to catch, we didn’t have a trap, nor did we have a foster. All of that changed after a fateful news piece aired on KTVI.

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Beau 1

“There is a new dog who was dumped running around the neighborhood and he is missing a leg”.  That was the call Gateway Pet Guardians received, but we had no idea to expect.  To be honest, we figured it was a dog who had it’s leg surgically removed and then dumped years later…what we found was very different and much worse.  When we first saw Beau, it was hard to tell what was wrong.  He was laying in the field, trying to stay warm on a freezing day.  After closer inspection, volunteers saw what the lady actually meant by “it’s missing a leg”.

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