Support Spay Neuter in East St. Louis

Gateway Pet Guardians seeks to provide low-cost or free vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter for qualifying residents in East St. Louis, Alorton, Centreville, Washington Park and Caseyville.

Support Spay Neuter in low income areas like East St. Louis by donating.

Our spay and neuter program is funded by grants and donations from supporters who understand that to prevent pet overpopulation, we have to prevent unwanted litters. Education is one big part of this – teaching pet owners why it is important to have their pets spayed and neutered, but the other part, especially for low-income areas like East St. Louis, is providing the residents with affordable options and resources for spaying, neutering, vaccination and microchipping.


Support Spay/Neuter – $50

  • Sponsor one surgery for a dog or cat. Your $50 donation will eliminate a minimum of 5-10 unwanted animals from entering local shelters each year. (number based on one litter per year, average litter of five animals)
  • Sponsor two surgeries for a dog or cat. Your $100 donation will eliminate up to 67,000 unwanted animals over a six-year time span. (number based on one unaltered male and one unaltered female producing unaltered offspring and the cycle continuing)
  • Sponsor 20 surgeries. Your $1000 donation will cover the entire cost of one of our spay/neuter clinics.


The Stats: 

Over the last 12 years, GPG has rescued, rehabilitated and placed 2,000 animals into their forever homes. If you could spend just $100 to ensure that all 2,000 of those dogs – AND MORE could be spared from life on the street or being turned in to animal control, would you do it?

That’s the cost to spay one female and one male dog or cat, which together with their unaltered offspring would produce approximately 67,000 unwanted puppies or kittens in HALF the time!

Think about those numbers for a minute:

  • Number of animals GPG has rescued over a 12 year span: 2,000
  • Number of animals born to an unaltered breeding pair and their offspring over a 12 year span: 134,000

A one-time $50 spay/neuter sponsorship with Gateway’s East St. Louis Spay/Neuter clinic will alter one male or female dog and subsequently spare 10 puppies per year from entering local shelters, animal controls, or living life on the streets.

With your contribution, you are providing spay/neuter resources, educating East St. Louis residents on pet health and safety, and more animals will remain in their homes and not on the streets or in shelters.

Each month, volunteers meet pet owners and transport their animals to the Carol House Quick Fix Clinic in St. Louis City. Gateway Pet Guardians also subsidizes most of the cost of the surgery and any additional vaccinations and microchipping.

Clinic Costs:

  • One Spay/Neuter: $50 (subsidized by GPG)
  • Community members pay $10 or any amount they can afford
  • Total monthly clinic costs: approximately $1000

We want to continue providing these service to the community. After all, sterilization is the key to eliminating unwanted litters and helping us reach our goal of NO MORE HOMELESS PETS!

Community Outreach Graphic