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Keeping Pets With Their People: Oreo’s Story

Last week, Oreo got off his leash and ended up at St. Clair County Animal Control. His family was devastated, and tried everything they could to get him back. But they faced many obstacles while trying to reclaim their beloved dog—his fees and transportation to claim him, to name a few.

When we heard about Oreo and his family, we knew we needed to help! We helped his family cover the fees, and St. Clair County Animal Control worked with us to get him back to his favorite people. Oreo will also be neutered in the next month through our Spay/Neuter Program.

Oreo LOVES his family and was so excited to return home! Happy tails, Oreo!

This story was made possible thanks to our partnership with St. Clair County Animal Control and financial support from supporters like you. Donate today!

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