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Meet Dug – An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!

Meet Dug!


Dug is a young Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix.  His name originates from the movie Up – ‘My name is Dug. I just met you and I love you.’ Once you meet Dug, you’ll see exactly why he was named after this character! This happy boy is both house trained and crate trained. At night he sleeps in the dog bed next to his foster family. He gets up when they get up and doesn’t wander at all. He’s very sweet, friendly, and loves other dogs. 


Dug enjoys running and is great on a leash. He’s a good boy in his crate and doesn’t make a sound. He enjoys playing tug of war and fetch with his human friends and loves wrestling with his doggy friends. He’s got some puppy energy and especially gets excited when new people visit. He tends to jump and be mouthy, but he’s learning how to be polite.


Dug is a smart boy who already knows the commands Sit, Down, Crate, and is currently working on learning other commands as well. He’s a great cuddler who follows his foster mom from room to room just to keep an eye on her. 

Dug is such a handsome boy he even has his own hashtag on Instagram! It’s #gpgdug – feel free to check him out! 

If you’re interested in adopting Dug, please visit to find our adoption policies and application. Or email us at to request more information.

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