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Maddie’s Fund Grants $5,000 to Fund Life-Saving Extreme Weather Action Plan

We have an exciting announcement! Maddie’s Fund®, a national family foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals, has awarded Gateway Pet Guardians an Innovation Grant for $5,000 to be used to save more lives through our Extreme Weather Action Plan.

Over the years, Gateway Pet Guardians has grown to be a driving catalyst…


Becoming part of the Gateway Pet Guardians team was one of the best choices I have ever made. This organization is filled with the MOST compassionate people, who truly go beyond rescue (#beyondrescue) everyday to keep pets with the people who love them. We also aim to enrich the lives of pets in our care (shelter and foster) until we find homes for these sweet furballs who have lost their…

A Beautiful Family Portrait

This family portrait was taken on a sunny day in April. Gorgeous green grass, budding flowers, bright smiles, laughter and love for their pets radiated from the family as they doted on their dogs. It was beautiful.

But four months prior, we were unsure if this family portrait would ever exist. Sandy, a senior terrier, became very sick.

“They are like our kids. When we noticed…


We met Leon a few years ago. He had eight Shih Tzus at the time. He signed up for spay/neuter, but as he puts it, “It wasn’t a priority for me.” We had trouble reaching him for his appointments so we moved on in the long list of pets in our queue.

A year later, we got a frantic call. His male dogs had gotten in a fight over a female in heat, leaving one of them with a ruptured eye. On…

Banfield Foundation Grants $7,500 to Fund Emergency Veterinary Care for Community Pets

We recently received a very special announcement from our friends at the Banfield Foundation. The nonprofit organization awarded a $7,500 grant to Gateway Pet Guardians to be used towards our East Side Pet Crisis Fund! This fund was created in 2014 to assist families in the Metro East with emergency veterinary care. Through our work with the community, we encounter situations where families need…


One month ago, something incredible happened that is setting the stage for a hyper-launch of life-saving and life-enriching efforts in the East St. Louis Community. One month ago, we closed on a building that is going to be the largest pet resource center in the region!

Now, we didn’t intend for it to be the largest BUT it was set up so perfectly for what we needed (and wanted) that we knew…

GPG Spay/Neuter Fleet Grows by One

We set out the year with a goal of 400 spay/neuter surgeries and 300 TNR surgeries for pets within the Metro East St. Louis community. That’s a tall order to fill, and with the help of Schicker Ford of St. Louis and some very special donors, we will be able to meet those goals, and so much more!

Words cannot express how excited we are to have this second vehicle out in the community.

East Side Pet Crisis Fund: Scrappy’s Story

On Sunday night, Scrappy went out to use the bathroom and returned home limping. He favored his rear left leg, and was in a great amount of pain. He wasn’t his normal self, laying around and avoiding food. His family believed he might have been hit by a car. They reached out to Gateway Pet Guardians for help.

Thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we scheduled an appointment at a…

Dolly’s Community Cats

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is not just about providing services for community cats, but also the caretakers that love them! We had done quite a bit of TNR in East St. Louis, but one day Spay/Neuter Coordinator Deanna Sanvi noticed seven new cats at a house we had never connected with. The cats were fat and definitely cared for, and we worked to make contact with the owner of the home.


Keeping Pets With Their People: Block’s Story

Last week, Block was outside using the bathroom and wandered out of his yard. His nose took him a few blocks down, where he chased a female in heat. He ended up at St. Clair County Animal Control (SCCAC).

Yesterday, we got a frantic call from his owner wanting to reclaim him from animal control, but unable to foot the fees. His owner missed having him sleep at the foot of his bed–his…

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