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Wolfgang’s Rescue

All of us were SO happy to be able to pull Wolfgang from the streets. He’s been out here awhile and is just always a doll, and kind of a little guy! All it took was one of our foster homes to open, and Wolfie’s new foster & the Gateway Girls went into action. I personally had on my boots, longsleeves, and 2 layers of sunblock because I NEVER know how long these types of things will take, or what “terrain” we will end up maneuvering.


ook at these guys!! Pj feed the cats too but these guys STILL need homes!  Won’t someone fost


Look at these adorable cats/kittens!  Don’t they deserve to have homes?  Very Social & Very Vocal!! Fill out a foster application if you might consider giving these guys a second chance!

GPG is Looking for a Few Good (Wo)Men

We’re growing and growing and growing! GPG is looking for a few dedicated volunteers who are looking to become integrally involved with our organization to fill the following volunteer positions:

Volunteer committee chair: This position requires someone with the time and interest in becoming involved with day to day activities. Reports to the President of the Board.

– Oversee our overa…

Soulard Neighborhood Yard Sale

Check out this HILARIOUS video put together by Ryan (a.k.a. PT the Islander) over at promoting the Soulard Neighborhood Yard Sale (featuring GPG) for the John & Drew Show:

Come see at Pets in the City starting at 7 AM on July 30th!

Random Dog Facts

Poochpedia | Infographic

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Via: Dog Beds by…

Metro East Pet Owner Education Initiative

We received some exciting information from The St. Louis Petlover Coalition today! Julia Mittelstadt, President and Jamie Case, Executive Director met with Betsy Cohen of Purina and the St. Louis Petlover Coalition. We discussed our objectives for the Metro East Communities where pet overpopulation and homelessness are at its highest. They have a turn-key program already put together for…

Being a Responsible Pet Owner: The Cold Hard Facts

When most people make the decision to get a pet – it can be more of an impulse than a well-thought-out decision. People don’t always think ahead into the future and realize that owning a pet is a long-term commitment.  When a rescue doesn’t do a good job of  pre-adoption counseling, this can lead to pets being returned.  If dogs are returned, then that’s one less dog on the street we are ab…

Purina Farms Event Center Tour with STL Petlover Coalition

Today three of Gateway Pet Guardians board members attended a tour of Purina Farms and their new event center located in Gray Summit, MO as part of a tour given by the St. Louis Petlover Coalition. We had a blast!

Julia Mittelstadt, our president, Lisa Boyer, a board member, and myself (Ashley, VP) went down to the facility at Gray Summit early this morning and met up with a group invited by…

Ra-Ra & Friends

Another video of RaRa.  The girl that was in the documentary, and still is on the streets.  This was the actual day I had mentioned earlier.  The day that we thought she may not be there.  Pj hadn’t seen her for 2 days and was saying we would probably find her dead.  

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