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Honey, Please don’t kill me, but there is a feral kitten lose in the basement.

Which would not be such a big deal if my husband were not deathly allergic to cats. I rode with PJ today, and we have had this ongoing thing with¬†this kitten. I tried to catch her once and failed, but today, PJ snuck up on her and grabbed her while she was eating. It surprised all of us. It’s like, oh no! what are we going to do now? She is so adorable, and I am really hoping she will fall for…

It’s Bomber’s Turn.

PJ called me today, saying that she wished we could take Bomber off of the streets, just for a couple of days, while the cold passes. My husband is out of town, and I thought, well, I could have him for a couple of days. My second thought was, there is no way I will be able to put Bomber back on the streets once he gets to live in the lap of luxury. So, I set out on a mission to find Bomber a…

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